Day 1-3 with Andara Storm

I have to play caught up since I’ve had a rocky start to this week. Sunday night I listened to a transmission that night, feel asleep shortly after but to wake up with a start. I had set out the Andara Storm card once I got home from work. There was a light pound on the left side of my head, so I forced myself to get some sleep only it didn’t work out that way.

Monday morning I was in between states when I was force to wake up with this sensation that felt like someone was shoving an ice pick into my eye along with it pulsing. To say the least, I ended up empty the contents of my stomach and the pain didn’t subside until then I took a nap but when I woke to get ready for work. The pain hadn’t vanished completed decided that to call off and spent the whole day abed.

Last night, I bought and started to listen to the Infinite Blessings mp3s which made it a lot easier for me to fall asleep but I found myself conscious of those deep state during sleep and I could feel myself come up out of them to those in between states. During this time, the Andara Storm is there at the head of my bed along with Effervescent Blue. I could feel it there pulsing with its earthy energies helping me to ground myself.

Its helping me to keep my feet on the ground, while also ground all those experiences I am having while I am sleeping. Sunday was the beginning of a lot of things as I started the third week of the Oneness course I started taking added to the routine I started before I learned about this free course. They all are building on one another.




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