Night 6 with Sapphire

Swapped out Sapphire with Effervescent Blue because my cat, Jasper, has been effect by the shifting of energy to the point where it would manifest into physical manner like meowing, grabbing on to my leg and nipping me.

So I set the intention to received the energies of Sapphire after I placed it back in the deck while I set Effervescent Blue by the head of my bed with a Quartz and my first Andara, Blue.

His meowing wasn’t as intense as it usually is, he didn’t grab onto my leg but he lightly nipped my foot instead of the leg. He just wanted to settle in and he eventually did which help because yesterday he didn’t let me sleep.

I had a murky dream though with something that appeared to be gold in color but would shift from brown to red. Couldn’t get a go look at it but I am starting to wondering if that will be my second Andara crystal that I get.

It had been an interested journey so far, let’s see what happens.

For more information, check out this link -> Symptoms of Energy Shift


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