Night 5 with Sapphire

I decided to keep Merlin Blue & Green out through the night as well as Andarian Pink which it explains that restlessness that not only I felt but my cat, Jasper, felt as well. I thought at first he was having pain or something. He had a P.U. done a couple of years back so at I thought it was that.

Something told me that it had to do with the all the energy that had been shifting not only around me but also with the shifting the Earth has been going through. My furry companions aren’t quite use to that yet. I am confident that the more I work with energy the more use it they will be and the zoning method is helping to smooth out those bumps in the road.

Got a little off track there, but that’s okay! I wanted to share that last night, I set the intention of find my Andara partner only the message I received through my dream state was several of them on display of all shapes, sizes and colors. None of them seem to caught my eye, but thanks to someone who help me see it differently, it merely meant that instead of working with one, I am going to be working with several of them.

So I will be changing my intention to finding and receiving my Andara partners set the however they chose to show up for me that is in the highest and best interest of everyone involved.


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