Andara Amethyst Day 2

I had set this card out yesterday as I went about working on the Patreon page, getting the basic pledges setup done and brainstorming rewards for each tier. Today, I worked on editing the intro and the goal section of the Patreon page.

I was reading the weekly message in my email and I was reading about Amber. I felt guided to take out the Andara Amber and have that out until the end of the week when my page goes live.

While I have been doing the Oneness course, I am on week 6 and I have come far. For other courses, subconsciously I would stop before completing them. I have notice that at the beginning of this course, it felt different.

That different lead me to other tools and resources that have help further this path I am on. I am finally getting the answered to questions that I didn’t know I have and I am learning what has been keep behind the veil for so long.


Day 7 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

I had a set of Andara that was going to join me today but after getting swept up by theses Andara: Blue Shaman, Higher Heart, Effervescent Yellow, Brilliant Green, & Amber. Subconsciously, I need the energies of this Andara instead of swapping them out with the others. I had set the intention to receive that energies that I need to at the moment during those days of the week I didn’t post here. I was merely integrating those energies as I shifted into another phase of my life.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have set in motion last week to find other means outside of myself, outside of my resources to earn an income from my writing. I have been working on that with patreon while also keeping consistent with my action through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring the best that I can for my supports.

If I have learn anything else from my writing it that, it’s a solitaire process when I am writing but once it comes through the process of editing. I need help and support from others so in the end, my creative process is a group process. I am learning about myself with each small step I take and this cards have helped to lead the way for me.

So my patreon page is due to come live on Oct 1, if you are interested in support my work and my dream of being a full time writer. You are welcome. If you can’t that’s alright too.


Day 3 of Blue Shaman Swirl

This combination of Swirl, Lavender, Brilliant Green & Amber has help put things in perspective for me. I actually carried Brilliant Green & Amber with me. I have made certain decisions, now I am in the process of brainstorming my next steps to do the best that I can and I can commit to each one of those steps. So I am going keep things short for today as I have some planning to do for the next few days.


Day 2 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

We have Andara Brilliant Green joining us along with Lavender and Swirl. Brilliant green help me get in touch with my heart and the heart of the issue that has been preventing me from moving. The inability to simple let go and let God, in other words, I have been struggle with since my awakening at age of 22. I am getting this instinct impression that I really am in need of the guidance and the help that Brilliant Green can offer me for another day.

Swirl is helping me in getting my feet on the ground. What does that me? Do I have my head in the clouds? Nope. For me, its a desire of going home. I learn about my home when I had a QHHT session in May, but I am not guided to share this at present, with the consistent turmoil going on here. I find myself sinking into the muck along with this longing of waiting to go home.

That is where Swirl comes in, this Andara is helping to clear the way so that I can live here and now along with Lavender and it’s soft energy has been a gentle experience, opening me up to my own inner knowing. Although at times I show impatient with my inner knowing wanting me to wait.

I know its for a reason, there maybe steps I still need to take before jumping into what I want. So I’ll still keep Lavender and Brilliant Green on display until tomorrow to see what my inner knowing tells me but I intend to place Andara Amber with display as well to see what kind of energies this Andara brings to the mix. Lavender will be with me until tomorrow and then on Wednesday, Andara Higher Heart will be added to mix.



Day 1 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

I am accompanied today by not only Blue Shaman but also Lavender Blue and Brilliant Yellow. I was listening to Sri and Kira live on the radio today and I noticed that I have been pushing away certain decision that needed to be made. So while I was listening, I started to look over my old blog sites and such to start combining them. At the moment, I have combined not only my xanga here but also my livejournal as well.

Started brainstorming with other social media sites and possible sources of income. I realized that all the research in the world won’t matter if I don’t clear these blocks that I have in receiving those sources of income.

I remember that on Sri and Kira’s site they have homestudy courses, I picked the one that stood of the most with was there Ascended Abundance courses although I only listen to the class once, it changed my perspective of abundance. Not only that I wanted have a feel into there teaching method and they jump right into which I love, they also have material you can printout to take notes on.

I’ve listen to the attunement twice already and done the container only once but even once I could feel the energy within my body begin to shift about. It was odd, for a lack of a better work, but once I settled in with the new feeling it settled quickly and the energy seem to smooth itself out.


Andara Garnet Day 7

Today we were joined by Andara Opalescent Pink. I am starting to see that the Andaras know exactly what is needed and when. I am seeing that, the more and more I use and connect with them. Sleeping with them at the head of my bed has help a great deal in integrating there energies.

Although I didn’t go through my daily zone routine, I found that I didn’t have to because I was still in the zone state. My mental chatter is almost nonexistence now. Of course I am not saying that I don’t fall back into old habits but the more and more I listen the zone calls. I can fall back into that state of flow with ease.

Now with Opalescent Pink helped to me to stay center and ground with the events that happened later in the evening in New York and New Jersey. I made a choose to not turn on the the News or look anything up online about what had happened. Now it’s not because I don’t care about what happened but its because I care that I decided that I wasn’t going to add to a very strong experience.

Instead I sat with the situation for awhile to see how it made me feel. Of course thoughts of not understand how people can hurt each other, why do some people feel the need to hurt each other. Why are the beings in this world so violence to themselves and the other beings here?

With this thoughts racing through my mind, I realized that although I was having this thoughts I remained detached from them, they were fleeting. I focused them to see if there were any emotions, and there were sadness. The inability to understand certain beings actions towards others.  I didn’t even realize at the time, I seem to call to the energies that help me with the energies that was swirling around me.

I am not condoning the actions of others or lessen the situation but I felt that I couldn’t help the present situation for the place I was. So subconscious I reach for the energies of the Opalescent Pink that help me to send out a ‘soft, loving, gentle and compassionate’ energy to the events that were unfolding through the night.

It felt different as this energies were coming from a place of peace and balance as a whole. My whole being was into sending this energies out to the situation. It was a learning experience because for the first time, I didn’t allow the outside energies to engulf me.

Instead I use the present experience to allow myself to feel into the emotions that were brought up deep within me, transmute and transform that into positive energies that help the situation transmute and transform itself. I made a decision a while back that fear although helpful at times of physical danger, like prevent one from stepping into to traffic, doesn’t have a place in my life while on this path I have chosen.

Some useful tools that have helped me: