Night 4 with Sapphire

Dreams were a bit murky but I fell right off to sleep listening to one of my meditations. Felt really distorted at times until I realized that I had left four cards that I pulled that morning for my daily card reading. They sitting on the nightstand in my sacred space that I was inspired to put together.  That explained why I felt all over the place last night.

I have started to notice that my thoughts as well as my emotions have shifted since I bought the cards. Those negative thoughts and emotions that tend to linger don’t anymore, I noticed them. I acknowledge but they don’t control anymore. Since adding the zoning method to my daily practices, this state lingers throughout the day.


Night 3 with Sapphire

Tonight wasn’t as intense as the first night. It’s almost as if the Andara wanted to give me everything it had those first few days until I let it know that I was going to working with it for the whole week, it calmed down after that. The energy from this crystal started to integrate with me at a rate that I could handle without it interfering in my daily activities.


My Andara Journey

I learned about this crystals from the experience with my first past life regression in May 2016. I felt such a connecting with them but I had forgotten there name until I started taking more workshop with this particular healer & my teacher.

I made sure this time around that I wrote down the name and started doing research on it. Although the crystal themselves are a bit on the expensive side. I decided to look for oracle cards instead which found through Erica Rock’s site. I started using them third week in Aug.

I am working with this week is the Andara Sapphire, last night I place the card on the headboard. I didn’t get much sleep, I had meditations running in the background. At one point, I could feel the pressure building just in my forehead and the front of my face to the point where it felt like I was drowning with the sheer pressure of this force.

I decided to set the intention that I will received the energy of this card gradually throughout this week which automatically lessen the force around my forehead and face. I was able to fall asleep but it wasn’t that deep and I felt conscious of the fact that I was trying to sleep which sounds really strange.

Now of course, this is what I have experience so far with these cards, that’s not to say someone else will have the same experience I have.


Back From Sabbatical!

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since the last time I posted but sometimes you have to withdraw from social media for a time so that I can get my head screwed on right. I needed to know where to go from here and I have much better direction than I did when I made this blog. I am planning to adding more post through out the next couple of weeks, I don’t have any date in mind for right now but I am planning to make this my main post.