A Writer’s Challenge

I know I haven’t posted anything in quite sometime as I found myself lost in transition I guess you can say with work picking up because of graduation. Going to the gym with a friend and I also joined a locate writer’s group that other friend introduced me too.

I’ve had quite a lot of things to juggle lately but I noticed more and more that despite all the wonderful advice from my fellow writers I still couldn’t find the inspiration I was looking for and the creative flow was stopped a by a dam.

Everyone around was either typing away furiously on their laptops knowing what they need and had all the pieces to the puzzles while here I am grasping at straws barely getting anything at all.

Other then writing in my agenda how the day went or something nothing at all. I was trying to see the small victories at least I was writing something even if it wasn’t creative.

So since I couldn’t sit down and write anything creative, I decided two things: to watch anime and to get a lot of reading done during this period.

I started reading more about the writing process and what works best for writers when they are writing. Two things jumped out at me: to write all of my ideas down no matter how small and the other is that I didn’t have much of writing process, if I did wasn’t consciously aware of it.

It also didn’t help that I was consistently getting distraction by my family when I was sitting down to try to get something on the blank screen. When frustration was at it’s peak, I am done fight everyone and even myself. And I sat done to really mediate on the situation.

I had to work things out for myself. I realized then that I was comparing myself to my other fellow writers and was even jealous of a few of them because they know what they wanted and how they were going to do it.

It’s the reason why I keep hitting a wall so every time any frustration, irritation or annoyance and oh yes even jealousy. I had to remember myself everyone is different in the way they work.

And they inspired me to find my writing process and really play attention to what works best for me. Once I lock that way of think it seem that things became much more easier for me to handle. I didn’t beat myself up for not being productive. I just took that time to absorb as much information that I could to have some sort of foundation to make my writing easier.

I am doing plenty of reading now which really helps with my writing as it helps to expand my vocabulary as well as helps me to give constructive feedback to my fellow writers at the group session.

I really had to shut out of the outside distraction to be even able to write just my ideas down on paper once that happened I was able to expand on the each time I wrote.

Now I’ve gotten into the habit of doing that, I’ve had a breakthrough with my writing. I’ve written about half a page for the second book for The Beastly Covenant but for the second trilogy those I am still doing research on. I only got about a paragraph worth of beginning though. I am not sure where I am going with this but I wanted it to organic as possible I don’t want to force anything.

So yes dear friends all writers go through the same dread blocks that I was going through but I got tell you hiatus aren’t bad because you can get burnt out after a big project like I did.

I needed that break but when you are ready to get back in the game and you find that you’ve got nothing that is the block I am talking about.

The best thing that worked for me when I was in that place was to follow the advice I read in the a book. Write all your story ideas down no matter how big or small it is write it down. Keep the notebook handle where  you go or if you can record things on your phone do it that way. Just so that your in that place where the ideas are flowing and that will help with all the rest. Good luck!