New Projects In Process (PIP)

I have started working on the second book in a trilogy although it took me a while to get up from the drought that I experienced since my first book was published in Feb 2012.

Better is the book publishes with mistakes than the polished book that just sit on your computer collecting cyber dust. After two edition later my first book is where I want it to be.

But this second book in the series is proving to be a bit of challenge which I don’t mind all that much since each project is a opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as a writer.

I have of late join a writer’s group which has really helped in opening up endless possibilities for me. It has been a godsend since I need constructive feedback from others how else came you improve if you don’t have others looking over your work.

This is a perfect place from me to voice my opinions and I won’t be squashed for them. I do have a challenge when it comes to reading my work out-loud due to past experience during my school years. But in this environment I feel that I can do it with out the scoffing off others.

I am still in the gathering information stages of this second book, I don’t even have a title of it yet so I am still taking notes here and there.

Lately, I haven’t been able to come up with much since I haven’t been able to go to the last couple of meetings. The well of creativity dried up on me but I have decided that I am going to make the effort to make it every two weeks to the meetings.

I am going to challenge myself to write this book in one years time and have it ready to be published in Feb 2016 at least that is the plan for right now but it can change if things progress smoothly.

Keep my fingers crossed.