Another Year Has Come and Gone

It never ceases to amazing how quickly the year has come and gone. It less than a week from now it’s going to be 2015 and I am just enjoying what’s left of 2014 because this upcoming year I am planning on changing things that I am not too happy with to help improve my life in every aspect of it. I am working on new ways to market my book, even thinking about starting a couple of fundraisers to help with another writing project I would like to published in 2016 considering all the work that needs to go into putting it together.

I am going to learning new things and looking into other opportunities that allow me to work from home and start earning an income on which I can live comfortable and I know a lot of people say that but for me I don’t like how things have started to turn out for me.

Although I understand this dry spell is coming to an end and I already feeling that things will be going smoothly in this upcoming year. I guess you can say that I am landing the ground work now so that I can let myself be guide by the flow of life and allow it to lead me where it will.


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