Lost in Transition

Like the title reads, I have been lost in transition as I have experience my ups and downs some extreme ups and some extreme lows. I keep questioning, what could I bee missing?

Although I am better than I was before but I am still not where I want to be. It become an obsession.

What could I be doing differently about what I could be doing differently that will help manifest the life I want to create that something that is created for me.

I want to making the chooses to manifest that life I want not having someone hiding behind the curtain creating that life from me.

I know I will be creating that life with help but I want to be conscious enough to take action to create that life. In other words, I want to be actively creating that life I want to create.

So I decided to go back to basic, I have this notebook where I started to write down questions that come up although it isn’t often because many of times when I have questions I am working and my notebook is tucked away in my purse.

Sometimes it get really busy when I am working so the questions I have drift away. When I do get the chance to sit down and write I can file at least one page back to back now mind you it a small notebook but it suits my needs perfectly.

I picked up tools from the past and joined them with the new tools that I have now. Not only that but everything I want to experience has a dollar sign attached to it so I decided to ask, what would it take to change that?

What would it take for me to find tools and techniques that have no dollar signs attached that will help make these changes?

So right at the moment I am going over two books I bought a long time ago, and I have changed my morning routine to just two hours of meditation about and I started to writing in my journal that I have title Change My Paradigms. I am watching Bob Proctor’s videos and just following my intuition where it would lead.

I know it’s been awhile but like I said before I was lost in the void for a bit. I am going to focus on changing those paradigms to move forward from the inside out and always watching where I am going in the process. I will let you know what happens.


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