Legacy From the Stars by Dolores Cannon

Legacy From the Stars
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1996, 2010, 2011
New Age/Extraterrestrials

“I have been told that we will never truly travel in space, and be allowed to enter the confederation of then other worlds, until we decide to grow up and leave violence and hate behind us. There is no place for such behavior in the councils of planets and solar system.”

Another book from the Dolores Cannon collection that helps to clear things up in why haven’t we been able to contact any other lifeforms out there in space and that although we think we might be alone because we haven’t been contact doesn’t make it true.

The author’s purpose in writing this book is to let us know that yes we aren’t alone in the Universe and that there is other life out there. We have been visited often throughout time.

We just need to be less narrow minded about these kinds of things. Each chapter was rich with history of the unknown and when I started to think it was far fetched, I remember someone saying that much of our history is up for grabs so why couldn’t the stories told here be true?

I learned something interested when reading this book, this is maybe the only planet that lack what the Universe has in overabundance and that one things is love. Every time I looked at the cover of this book it remains me of the harmony that Universe is expect for us.

I started to question, what would it be like to be in harmony? What would it be like to live in peace with the planet and everyone on it? What would that really feel like? What would it be like if there was no limitation? If you have these questions, this book is for you.


The Winner’s Attitude By Jeff Gee & Val Gee

The Winner’s Attitude
Jeff Gee & Val Gee
Copyrighted 2006

Jeff & Val Gee’s goal in writing The Winner’s Attitude was to help the reader tailor their approach to every situation and connect to everyone which will turn each outcome in favor of everyone involved.

The Gees’s argument is logical in their approach to the situations in this book and they exercises to help with each of those scenarios. Each page is rich with information and has really helped me out in ways that I can’t begin to describe here.

The books is definitely a keeper and deserve a spot on anyone shelf who is looking to improve their customer services in any shape or form.

“Switch is the twenty-first century upgrade ¬†for every evolving human being. It helps develop new pathways in the brain so you can create patterns of behavior that promote love, acceptance, peace, joy, and happiness.”

I loved all the exercises, but it ended a little to soon for my taste though. They have another book called Super Service which I plan to add to my reference library I have been building up for the past couple of years.

My impressions of this book were very insightful, the tools and technique I took away from this book with a little practice I can integrate them to my every day life to make this less stressful for me in the long run.