Legend of Starcrash by Dolores Cannon

The Legend of Starcrash
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1994, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013
New Age/ Extraterrestrial

Dolores Cannon’s purpose in writing this book was to bring the reader’s attention to that fact that even our history isn’t set in stone, that there are still things that we don’t know that has happened in our past.

“It is possible there legends were genuine, but they would have had survived orally through many years of persecution, annihilation, prejudice, separation and relocation.”

This book follows the life of Tuin a hunter, who lived in a community in the Alaska Canada region where everyone has a position to fill and without that person the whole community would fall.

Her research shown that there were over 300 languages spoken at that time but due to the Europeans and Spaniards coming ashore whole civilizations were lost to disease of suppression. To survive, they had to blend into other tribes and their stories of old where lost to time and tyranny.

It also makes sense that we haven’t been contact by beings outside of our solar system, look what has happen to the tribes that lived here, they were stomped out due to ignorance and fear. All those stories lost because they didn’t fit with those that came to their shores.

The last impression that I got from this book is that it’s to observe those who are different because you have never seen the likes of them before and if possible interact with those who are different and if and only if they prove to be hostile then take action but otherwise learn to live and adapt to those who are different than you. I recommend this book to anyone who isn’t afraid to delve into the unknown and who willing to release the fear of the unknown.


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