Living In The Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Living In The Heart
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Copyrighted 2003
Body, Mind & Spirit / Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge / Inspiration & Personal Growth / New Thought

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s purpose is writing this book was to keep write less words to the convey the meaning and keep the integrity of the essence of experience.

Although the chapters were short than what I am use to, it was rich with experiences of what happens when you move into that scared space within your heart space.

His argument is logical as it was based not only on his personal experience but also the experiences on those he has worked with during his workshops.

The author keep me interested with his simple word but they were powerful none the less and he even added a CD with meditations that while help you on your quest of reaching your heart space.

“Before I begin, please understand that your experience and mine may be completely different and outwardly may even seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Though there are many correlations between any two people, like snowflakes, each person is unique. So please, don’t set up expectations. The more you enter the heart like a child with open eyes and senses, the easier and more direct your experiences will be. I am telling you about other experiences simply so you can use them as a reference, not as ‘law.'”

My favorite part of the book would have to chapter 6 where they have extra exercises to help enhancing your heart space experience or at the very less makes if easier. Chapter 9 also talks about creation from the heart and mind which I found very interesting and very informative.

My impression doesn’t only come from this book but also from my experience of entering my heart space. Since I don’t really expect much when I sit down to do this meditation that they scene from within my heart keeps changing only lately has it remain the same.

From this book, I take with me to stop comparing my progress with out people that we each progress in the best way vibration that we match which at the time. I recommend this book to anyone who is will to take those courage steps to visit their heart space but I can guarantee you wouldn’t be the same again.


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