Since I complete the Unlock Your Abundance Matrix about a week ago, I have noticed that everything that triggers me I become instantly aware of them.

I go through the processes some days are better than others as I found myself exhausted after doing the clearings. But I realized now that it just my body telling me it’s time to rest while the processing tools clean house.

I also noticed I am going on three months for the Magnetic Pills that I have been taking and they have worked wonders as I barely forget things anymore and if I do it’s only briefly.

I got my mom to started taking them as well and her response to it was different as I remember the first couple of weeks I started taking them. I would get a bit dizzy at times.

I am still young and I don’t have that my dis-ease running through me but my mom on the other has responded differently as her body needs it the most so she didn’t have that dizziness that I experienced.

I taught it would better to start now then to start at the time when the dis-ease shows if at all but my body is thankful for the extra boost it gets from this pill.

I am learning a great deal about myself lately since the program end and I started combining tools and skills together to help keep me moving at a steady pace of evolution, expansion, growth and knowledge.


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