Keepers of the Garden By Dolores Cannon

Keepers of the Garden
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1993, 1995, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
New Age/UFO

“Why do they portray us in this manner? This only instills more fear in already fearful world. We are not like that, we have shown this to you.

“Please tell the world who we really are, their brothers, their guardians and their protectors from the stars. We do not need to take over this planet with violence. It is already ours, it always have been. We have been here since the beginning-caring and nurturing.

“Now we are trying to keep you from destroying this planet. Because this planet was given free will above all else in its life charter, you must be allowed to make your own decisions. But we cannot sit idly by and watch our family annihilate itself and its home. The infusion of new blood was the only answer. If the earth influences are not too strong, we shall not fail. We will accomplish our goals, not of taking over the planet, but of saving it.”

This quote is the perfect opening to start this book review as it really stood out to me. Dolores Cannon has once again achieve her purpose showing everyone that not everything is what it appears to be at first and if you look deeper you will find the truth beneath all the falsehood.

Those who are ready for the knowledge it is there for them to choose to believe or the reader can choose to dis-believe it. She leaves the final opinion up to the reader, she also encourages them to not take her word for it but do their on research on the subject.

Whether she makes a logical argument or not in this book, every page had a plethora of rich and colorful information. She had me on the edge of my seat as I’ve always wonder what those beings from space are like.

Are they really what is seen on TV or they more than what other preceded of them to be because they can’t begin to understand beings from other worlds. But also I found similar in my real life as the author had with her client when I first started to read this book, I found all sorts of interruption whether extra shifts at work or even things I found more important than to finished reading this book.

I discovered I wasn’t mental ready for what was going to revealed in this book like the author herself found that she had to wait to get the answers to certain questions and satiate her curiosity. Until I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to finished this book no matter what and I did. I am so very glad that I did.

The cover of the book itself inspired a peace to it that really lead to the purpose the author accomplished with writing this book. I loved everything about this book, the only thing is the fear of learning about the unknown that I didn’t like which keep me from finishing the book.

The lasting impression that will stay with me will be how wild the imagination of people about things beyond our atmosphere and sometimes it that very imagination that can cause fear sometimes but sometimes that imagination can help people to see what it can be like to live in space. What type of beings can be living in that void of space? It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone and that they are here to help us not harm us.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind and open heart, those who willing to read through the book before expressing their opinion of what they took away from this book.

D: I think this is what scientists are looking for; something the can communicate with.
P: There are planets which are far below this planet in evolution. The intent of scientists at this point is merely to grasp anything that would be considered proof of other existences. However, this is somewhat…I hate to say ludicrous, but it’s sad state of affairs when you consider the condition of this planet at this time. Better, far better to try to learn to communicate with each other on the planet, than to try and take on the added burden of learning an alien culture. pg. 52-53



Since I complete the Unlock Your Abundance Matrix about a week ago, I have noticed that everything that triggers me I become instantly aware of them.

I go through the processes some days are better than others as I found myself exhausted after doing the clearings. But I realized now that it just my body telling me it’s time to rest while the processing tools clean house.

I also noticed I am going on three months for the Magnetic Pills that I have been taking and they have worked wonders as I barely forget things anymore and if I do it’s only briefly.

I got my mom to started taking them as well and her response to it was different as I remember the first couple of weeks I started taking them. I would get a bit dizzy at times.

I am still young and I don’t have that my dis-ease running through me but my mom on the other has responded differently as her body needs it the most so she didn’t have that dizziness that I experienced.

I taught it would better to start now then to start at the time when the dis-ease shows if at all but my body is thankful for the extra boost it gets from this pill.

I am learning a great deal about myself lately since the program end and I started combining tools and skills together to help keep me moving at a steady pace of evolution, expansion, growth and knowledge.