About a month

It’s been about a month since I started take the Magnetic pills and they have done a world of help for me. I’ve been to silence the clatter that goes in my mind. I am down to only a couple left and sent out for more and I am looking forward to what happens in my second month.

I am starting to see the change from inside out as everything around is appearing different. I am noticing see things that I didn’t before and I am seeing the warning alarms early on and I am acting on changing those things that are no longer working for.

I have started to be the changes I want to see in myself and the outside is starting to reflect what is going on the inside. I’ve started to realize when I start to stray off the path in the past or when I start to think of the future but I check myself and return to the present moment. I do have my ups and downs but its not as often now then it was before I start down this path to experience abundance and health in all aspects of my life.


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