Magnetic Pill Day 6

I started taking the Magnetic pill this past Monday although it’s only been a six day I am started to noticed a big difference already. I am have some dizzy spells here and there I believe it’s because of the nutrition in this particular pill as well as I am taking other vitamins along with this one.

I can say much for those people who it doesn’t work for but I think its more the approach that individuals has when they start taking it, their expectations are to high.

Mine where merely looking for something will give me a little bit of everything for my overall well being and it was my curiosity that has me wondering where this will lead me. It’s a little early to think about what will happen in the future as the future shall remain there but I am more present now than ever before.

I have noticed that I am reading and comprehension has improve that and so has how fast I read something. I am definitely going to put it to the test tomorrow in the morning. I do have to say for people trying this for the first time it’s strong so be gentle with yourself when you take it.


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