Storm of Dislike

Lately I have been noticing that when I come home from certain places, this wave of dislike hits me reminding me of the time while I was in an emotion support class while in high school. I would go there find in the morning but would return with a sour attitude and really not like myself.

And this was several years ago, but I realized that light was being shined on this situation because I merely ran away from that situation and now I am being faced with this situation again only it feels that much stronger than it was then.

So now I am more determined than ever before to learn from this situation and master my life because I am in control of my life now more than ever. Since realizing what has been happening I have been using Paul Santisi Parallel Dimension meditation every night before going to bed which has been a big help.

This just goes to show that even I have ups and downs sometimes I hit rock bottom. It doesn’t take me that long to climb out after I have calmed the sea of raging emotions that at time overwhelms me that I am unable to think clearly at time.

Once I have calmed down enough to begin to ask questions. I received answers shortly after. I start to look for tools and technique that will help me to master and dispel that control this situation has over me.


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