Insightful Day

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything but that’s within reason as I found myself swamped with work, too much work too soon. I had a lot of ups and downs. Some ups are really good and some downs are really bad. That’s the best way to know how to describe them anyhow.I found myself really irritated today because of the words that were spoken to me in a certain location and at a certain time mind you.
It was more the vibration of the words that I think like in the words themselves because of the phrase that continues to repeat in my head over and over like cassette tape that was stuck repeating the same song over and over and over again.
It’s been a while since I actually felt like this, felt the aggravation, frustration, and simply bogged down by negative frequencies from certain individuals. I find myself surprised by my reaction. And I realize it’s a reaction because lately I’ve been proactive instead of reactive. I didn’t feel too good either.
So I think you’re contemplating what’s going, why do I feel the way I feel and how do I go about changing. The thing is to acknowledge what you’re feeling and not hiding on the carpet because you can do something about it when you shed more light on it.
Same thing goes with complaining, since I decided not to avoid complaining I just do no way that’s beneficial and I listen to what I’m complaining about so that way I can have some clues to what I need to change. 
I consider every bump in the road an excellent opportunity to learn all that I can so that way I can be at the top of my game all the time every day all day. Because it feels good to be there, to be proactive instead of reactive and I’m much more prefer it that way.
So shortly after I finish writing this I’m going to sit myself down to a couple meditations, go through some cord cutting exercises and really start to put my energetic tools more to use on the days that I know that our encounter certain people that will have a negative attitude and or frequency.

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