Inner Retreat

Since I posted last, I decided to take sometime away from outward more towards inward as I felt myself falling apart at one point.

I started to read more books where I find my attention was going to. I have several books I’ve started which I haven’t finished due to my work schedule but I find myself taking in a lot more information than before.

I’ve added meditation to my routine.When I add a meditation from Paul Santisi, I have noticed a big changed when I wake in the morning, I do it sometimes at night before bed, I find myself not thinking of anything.

It strange as I find the separateness from my body, there is a sensation of pulling a heavy weight. I don’t realize that I have a body until I start to wake more fully. I have learned through this meditation that it helps to set me up for the day. I have yet to find the answer to the tiredness but I know I will find it.

I find that going down the stairs that lead me into the living room. I see them stretch and dip beneath my feet. I sometimes feel that I am not longer vibrating in this dimension and when I finally make it to the landing everything goes back to normal but I do miss that different vibration if felt different but it also felt wonderful.


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