Session 5 Week 8 Day 51

Yesterday, I received a called for Pet Pros Service as I send them an email asking about there services for re-homing pets.

Since it was late and I had to get to bed to go to work the next day, I left myself a mental note saying to call them up today.

Shortly after getting to work, the Heavens opened up and began to pour down rain. It remained me for the day my eldest cat passed away.

The outside was reflecting what was going on inside of myself. Oh I cry sometimes when I think about re-homing Pelo but I won’t be around her anymore, she physical won’t be with me but those thoughts are later replaced by ones of how great her new home will be with little no restriction. The loving family that will take really good care of her.

So after running some errands, I got home but I keep pushing it off until I sat down picked up my cell. I called at least twice and hung up until I reached for courage deep within myself. A courage I didn’t know I had within myself. I keep repeating to myself that it’s for both our sake that I do this. I spoke to someone who even though it was only about the services, I felt completely at ease with them. Which really helps this process running smoothly and effortless for both of us.


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