Session 5 Week 7 Day 47

As I started my clearing shortly after couple of exercises I did from the Karmic Healing. I noticed this waves of light on the inside of my eyelids.

I’ve noticed sparks of light beneath in the same place only I thought it was due to the light from the cars outside.

Once I moved upside into the attic, light doesn’t get in that easier from outside.

Yes even I can doubt sometime because that is how society conditions you to be a skeptic. They want you to believe that if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist and yet there are things in this world that continue to be unexplained.

I have read somewhere that these lights are signs of enlightenment and how close I am to reaching it. I remember I spent the first year on this journey just meditating any chance I got. Then from one day to the next I stopped completely. Although my body never really forgot how much it enjoyed meditating daily and we kinda just picked up where we left off.


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