Session 4 Week 7 Day 46

Everyday in every where everything keeps getting better and better. I am learning more about my body’s signs for cords.

Today I’ve had a couple of hints throughout the day but I noticed that when I focus on what I am doing the day just zips by.

In morning it lags just a little bit, but it shortly picks after I go to lunch, things just zip by. That and there isn’t a lot of movement in the morning either.

Although I know that cords attach themselves to everyone, and those who know how to protect themselves still get some that squeak pass them, but I find that my defense are low and I am getting more cords that I thought. I discovered due to my physical affecting my energetic it weakness my field leaving me vulnerable to anything and everything out there.

Now that I have shield so light on this challenge while I attract those things that will keep my physical strong and fit, I’ll continue to work on my energy fields.

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