Session 4 Week 6 Day 42: Happy Spring Equinox

The first day of springtime although despite the windy condition. It went really well I did have a couple of pain, a bit more different this than the ones I am accustom to.

I think my body is starting to give me message is a less harsh way because I am listening more to what my body wants and I giving into them with little questioning on my part.

My body knows what it wants, the clear technique have become my body’s favorite carving since I’ve started down this path to change and I am completely committed to it.

I don’t know where this is taking me, all the steps I’ve taken so far but that doesn’t matter because I know that everything will turn out for my highest good in the end of this.

It’s better not knowing sometimes because I think in knowing what is to come you will overwhelm yourself and back out the last minute. Sometimes it’s better on this path of evolving, learning and growing to just keep it simple. I am surprise that it has been six weeks now and in the last couple of weeks since I’ve changed how I go about doing the techniques everything has begun to change around me.

Although slow at first giving me time to adjust to the difference as everything around me being to shift, evolve and grow in there own way.


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