Session 4 Week 6 Day 40

Everyday in every where things keep getting smoother and smoother. Today at my new job the hours ticked by without me really taking notice of it.

No pain from any cords although I can feeling something but they aren’t as strong as before I started use this tools and techniques.

I am finding that I am manifesting things a lot easier, my thoughts are really going against me when it comes to manifesting what I want. I can focus on what I want with adding any charge to it.

The only time my thoughts get really cluttered is when I am out and about surround by other people and I am starting to notice more and more that I can tell when it’s me and when it’s them. It’s so awesome. I have been using the switchwords for energetic cords although I didn’t have to chant it often today but I still did whenever something felt off.

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