Session 4 Week 6 Day 37

I experience a lot of clutter today, I’ve been cord a couple of  times but the moment I got home the distance help with relieving some of the pain. I am still going to do my clearing technique along with the cord removal techniques tonight before going to bed.

I have started to take the flower essence Rescue Remedy yesterday and I am feeling the difference it’s making. I am looking into another flower essence called Emergency Essence. That one also looks like it would also help out a lot too,

I am taking it one step at a time today, I got an article in my inbox about cord which I intend to read before going to bed tonight.

I am slowly put surely letting go the need to know who, what, when, where and why. And simply acknowledge what’s going on and either removing it or healing it.  It does make this a lot easier and simpler that way.


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