Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit (Newly Updated and Revised Edition) By Dolores Cannon

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1993, 1995, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2013
New Age/Self Help

The author’s purpose in writing this book is not only to keep an open mind to what happens when someone pass away but also to think of the possibilities that you don’t get just this one life to live. Only to conceive of the possibility that not all is black and white as we were lead to believe.

Dolores does make a logical argument as much as she can on this subject as she has regressed many people all of them have recounted similar accounts that what it’s like on the other side.

The subject itself keep my eyes glued to the page so much so that when I got busy with life and couldn’t read the book. I looked at with longing, the cover of the book attracting my attention remind that there was more to read and learn from this accounts.

“People should not be afraid of dying. Death is no more to be feared than breathing. Dying is as natural and as painless as…blinking your eyes.”

“IT IS AMAZING that all the information in this book was obtained from many different people who did not know each other. They were of various religions and occupations. Yet in spite of their differences, the information they gave while in deep trance does not contradict but rather compliments each other.”

I don’t have a favorite part in the book because the whole book is my favorite. What I like most about the book is the information of what lays beyond after we pass on. I often wondered what it was like on the other side what there really a Heaven and Hell. Did our actions really dictate where we will be for all eternity? What was is like to pass over? Was it painful or what it as easy as breathing?

This whole book left a lasting impression on me because of how the author goes about relating the information to the reader. Everything was soft and gentle, she really understand that some people would rejected certain information so she was able to time it just right to relate each piece information at it appointed time in the book.

What I learn from this book is that karma is what dictates you in everything you do, everyone you meet and every place you go. And that even in that other place, you are learning to that you always have choose whether to stay or to go back ‘home’. This book really gets you think and I’ve got to say I’ve gotten plenty of ‘ah’ moments when reading it. Things that didn’t make sense before, it’s as if this book shed some light in those areas and I find myself saying, “Oh well that’s what happen. That’s makes a whole lot of sense now.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind and is curiosity about what lays beyond or anyone who is interested in boarding their horizon.


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