Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol. 2 (Revised Edition) By Dolores Cannon

Conversations with Nostradamus, Volume 2
(Revised Edition)
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1990, 1992
New Age/Prophecy

After reading the first volume of conversations with Nostradamus, I found myself waiting for the second volume and I thought it would occupy my time all reading something else from Dolores Cannon while I waited.

I found a lot of striking similarities when I started reading the second volume as the author herself was having a lot of setbacks but I like how she went with the flow.

I had a lot of setbacks myself always trying to read the second volume, a lot of these kept coming up in interrupting my reading time.

Finally I finished reading the book today and it was amazing. The author’s commitments to her readers is absolute wonderful because despite all her fears and emotions on this particular subject she still published her work for all of us to read.

And she conveys her emotion with this quote, “let us reassure him that his warnings have not been in vain, nor have become too late. Let us promise him that now that we know the truth, we will do everything in our power to accomplish what he wished, to save humankind and our beloved Earth. His mission has been accomplished. The rest is up to us.”

“This book contains hundred and 143 additional quatrains written and deciphered by Nostradamus himself… Nostradamus emphasize that humanity could change the future if they knew which of the multiple timelines they were traveling on, and what the results of the past were. Humanity is not powerless. Through the power of informed minds much of the horror scene by Nostradamus can be averted.”

This is actually part of the summary on the back of the second book and they continue to emphasize like it said humanity is not powerless and through the power of informed minds you can change what he saw because what he saw was not set in stone.

Dolores’s purpose in writing this book has not been lost because despite the the gloomy predictions, she continues to have hope in humanity and that they can change their future. And her arguments are very logical because with the right information you can change those predictions. The author kept me interested even when I couldn’t read the book.

My favorite part of the book would be have to been the last couple chapters. The one chapter in particular that caught my attention was when she took the subject back to the future to see what happens to the world. I’m not going to say any more on the subject, I’m going to which you read it and find out for yourself. That’s chapter 27 if you’re interested in reading it for yourself.

My lasting impression on this book is Nostradamus is space in humanity and that he knows we have the power to change our futures for the better. I learned more about Nostradamus himself as a person as I read through the second volume. But I still have one last volume 3, and I’m looking forward to learning more about his personality and his other predictions. If learning about the quatrains and having Nostradamus himself decipher them doesn’t grab your attention the cover should will.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Nostradamus, his quatrains, astrology and the knowledge about his future events that might happen. Another phenomenal read by this author, I plan on doing many book reviews on the rest of her books. So stay tuned


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