Session 3 Week 5 Day 29

I am happy that I got a new job working with books but on the other hand I’ve seem to bum into a similar personality at this new job.

This person doesn’t just affect my second and third chakra but also my sixth chakra too as I was waiting for the bus to come.

I found myself very sluggish going through the technique I have been practicing for the past couple of weeks.

I was able to clear up a lot within that time frame while I waited but as soon as I got on that bus. I began to experience dis-ease and I was most anxiety to get off the bus, in the morning it isn’t like that at all but there are more people on the bus.

My physical body is in need of nutritional food that will keep it going for those long hours but it’s not just that either but also my other bodies need to be strength as well if I am going to be working two jobs now.

This video had been extremely helpful with late night clean ups:


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