Session 3 Week 4 Day 25

I’ve been having a pretty quiet and relaxing day, although I continued to experience the echo of the pain I had yesterday it does distract me at times.

I decided to look into flower essence that will help to relieve the pain around this time of the month without the need of taking pain killers the next time around.

Since starting another job, I will be able to get more tools that will help in me to healthier lifestyle than the one I am living now.

I am going to continue to do the exercise I plan to continue on with this new programs but I can see the changes it bought about in me and those changes are reflecting outside of me.

I am doing my due diligence and keeping my practitioner update to with everything has been going on since our last session together. I like to email her every couple of days or so to keep her inform with what’s been going on and to see where this will lead our next session together.

I am committing now to this new lifestyle that I am seeing unfolded before a little bit at time everyday. I am looking forward to the day that I will no longer use medication and I will receive the message of my body crystal clear so it doesn’t have to go to this extreme for me to listen to it.


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