Session 3 Week 4 Day 24

Intense crippling pain struck me down today, I kept to my bed all day. This experience had me focusing on the pain so much so that everything I had learn flew out the window.

The pain itself commanded my attention, I couldn’t find much relief until my mom called a friend whose sister also experience the same type of pain that I was today.

She recommend a jar full of hot water, placed on the area where the pain was and to try to fall asleep. Sleep would help tremendously with the pain.

We tried the jar first it was able to give so relief but not by much because I was laying flat, when I got an idea beneath the sea of pain to turn on my side and cradle the jar to my stomach and place a pillow in first to keep in place that’s where the relief started to happen.

My mom than came back with a hot water bottle which covered the affected area, and she was a great help to because her hands are very warm. My mom rubbed my back while I feel into a bliss sleep where the pain couldn’t reach me anymore.

Another learning experience, which put me to the test where I have fail or not has yet to be seen but I believe that I got a lot out of this experience although at the time it might not have felt that way.


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