Session 3 Week 4 Day 23

Has wonderful time at my new job, I have all sorts of surprise waiting for me that day. I found out that I would be having new responsibilities at this job.

I would be response for opening the store on certain days. So I became a key holder overnight I guess you can say. I am excited I am going to be learning all sorts of things in this position.

I am getting along with so everyone, I did have a irritated customer the first time I was learning the register.

The customer after her assured me that I was polite and courteous it was just something was going on with the customer herself and had nothing to do with me. The second customer herself is a business woman and she gets all sorts of people.

It’s amazing how re-assures came after I started to feel that I might had done something wrong but there was a lot of things going on at once and this particular customer could see that we were in train mode. I did ruminate about what happen with that customer, I felt a wave of anger come over and I didn’t quite feel like myself at the time so I excused myself to head to back room.

Where I began to question myself on what’s going after I started to release what had happened with the customer and returned it to Source. I started to use the technique ho’oponopono while I was helping to put books away. I never realized when I stopped but after doing so I was calm and peace with myself. I felt like me again.

That experience had tested all that I know but I didn’t allow it to overtake me once I discovered what was happening I nipped in the bud quick. All in all, it was a fantastic official first work day.

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