Session 5 Week 8 Day 53

Another smooth sailing day, I got a lot of things done. The pain was less intense but every so often it would start to bother me.

Started to focus on really getting budget down for more only me but for my family too.

I found a video that have a detail daily budget. It kinda fell short when it came to how he went about doing it so I decided to take it upon myself to see if I can figure out how it was done.


Session 5 Week 8 Day 52

Today felt like a rather slow day! I didn’t do any of my clearing technique due to the physical pain I was feeling throughout the day and I felt rather mellow because of the meditation I’ve be doing in the morning time.

The energy that was around re-homing one of my cats has calm down considerable this last couple of days. It’s like she and I understand what’s going to happen better than anyone else does.

I know she will tell me it’s time to go so I have decided to set aside some money so that when that time comes I’ll have it and start the re-homing process. Right now things see a bit home and I want everything to work in our favors for both of us.


Session 5 Week 8 Day 51

Yesterday, I received a called for Pet Pros Service as I send them an email asking about there services for re-homing pets.

Since it was late and I had to get to bed to go to work the next day, I left myself a mental note saying to call them up today.

Shortly after getting to work, the Heavens opened up and began to pour down rain. It remained me for the day my eldest cat passed away.

The outside was reflecting what was going on inside of myself. Oh I cry sometimes when I think about re-homing Pelo but I won’t be around her anymore, she physical won’t be with me but those thoughts are later replaced by ones of how great her new home will be with little no restriction. The loving family that will take really good care of her.

So after running some errands, I got home but I keep pushing it off until I sat down picked up my cell. I called at least twice and hung up until I reached for courage deep within myself. A courage I didn’t know I had within myself. I keep repeating to myself that it’s for both our sake that I do this. I spoke to someone who even though it was only about the services, I felt completely at ease with them. Which really helps this process running smoothly and effortless for both of us.


Session 5 Week 8 Day 50

I decided that instead of continue on with the sessions I’ve been having which have been fantastic, my top priority right now is my physical because it that doesn’t heal up than I am going to be in a constant state of repair.

Another challenge that is in the fore front of my mind is the re-homing. I find these two things come first right now. Although I opted for monthly sessions in a different program which will help with all this healing and transformation I am doing and continue to do.

I didn’t want to stop altogether so throughout the next couple of weeks while all this shifting is occurring those monthly session will be an extra boost each month.


Session 5 Week 7 Day 49

Within the last 48 hours, I’ve tried cried when I needed to cried, laughed when I needed to laugh and felt the way I wanted to feel about the re-homing process.

I started to ask myself questions about how would I know when the right family came along for my cat. How would I be able to choose from one of them if any. Would I really be able to hand her over to a shelter with the less than a week?

So I started looking on to see if there where any services available with the re-homing process. I found one and with the new technique I learned just I just sat with the energy for a bit so see energetically if this would work for me.

It all felt easy and effortless, I was merely going with the flow of things. I watched the video and I just felt at peace although I did shed a couple of tears because I am taking serious steps not only for me but my cat as well.

I’ve only just come to the realization that I will be saying goodbye to her soon, there is a fee for re-homing her but for her I am willing to see that she goes to a loving home and that she will be treated the way she deserves to be treated as a thankful for all the wonderful years she has given me. Let’s see where this takes us both.


Session 5 Week 7 Day 48

Today was another session with coach and practitioner, we looked at the physical was going on to manifest everything that has been happening lately.

And its been brought to my attention that I am must now look at re-homing one of my cats. At the moment, it does hurt as I’ve had her for several years now but I know I am doing what’s best for both of us.

I can no longer keep her as she is telling me with everything has been happening lately that her time with me is over and it’s time for to move and expand.

I will grieve during the next couple of days more about the habit of being with her and now I need to start attracting the loving family and the new home she will go to because that how I want to see off to.

Is a loving home, a family who will adore her for the rest of her days and place where she can grow and expand herself.


Session 5 Week 7 Day 47

As I started my clearing shortly after couple of exercises I did from the Karmic Healing. I noticed this waves of light on the inside of my eyelids.

I’ve noticed sparks of light beneath in the same place only I thought it was due to the light from the cars outside.

Once I moved upside into the attic, light doesn’t get in that easier from outside.

Yes even I can doubt sometime because that is how society conditions you to be a skeptic. They want you to believe that if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist and yet there are things in this world that continue to be unexplained.

I have read somewhere that these lights are signs of enlightenment and how close I am to reaching it. I remember I spent the first year on this journey just meditating any chance I got. Then from one day to the next I stopped completely. Although my body never really forgot how much it enjoyed meditating daily and we kinda just picked up where we left off.