Session 3 Week 3 Day 21

Start my day unusually early today, the asthma effected me enough this morning to use the treatment.

I went to bed a lot early last night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right in the middle of my exercises only I didn’t know that I did until I woke up this morning.

Got an early start and I am making the most of it. Did a little yoga, I haven’t done my exercise yet but I am going to do them shortly after I am done writing this post.

I have discovered to this new founded commitment to this new changing. I am not going to lie and said that it doesn’t frighten me at times because I don’t know what I am going to become after this but I reminded how do I know if I don’t become that I am frightened about. So that where my determination and curiosity that comes in. I am curious to see where all this will lead me and I am looking forward to all the learning curves I am to encounter on this path.

Note to Reader: I am still reading both the Conversation for Nostradamus Vol 2 and the Between Life and Death. I am nearly finished with them and will have their review written soon. 🙂


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