Session 2 Week 2 Day 13

Good morning! I had a little bit of a challenging time getting up this morning but once I drank my green smoothie I was set for the day.

The nights have been restful and relaxing I’ve been getting deep sleep and dreaming often throughout the nights which I take as a good sign that I’m sleeping.

I’ve been doing my exercises often every day all day whenever I get a chance I do them in the been a big help.

Since removing to my room, I have been in deep contemplation about a lot of things and where want to go with my life. I’m often wondering where this is going to go and where this is going to take me.

But then I bring myself back to the present moment to continue with what I’m doing here and now, to return my focus to the here and now.

I’ve discovered a great profound peace and calm with this program that I have experience with any other program that I used and my body seems to enjoy it too.

The asthma has gotten much better since removing myself from my parents bedroom where my cats also sleep but I do get triggered every once in a while. But is not as often as it used which am really grateful about and the room time spent in my room has been really good for me therapeutic as well as on all other levels.

I am letting myself recovering for the hypersensitive airways that I am experiencing, it may take some time but I know that it the long run it will all be worth it.

Check out this article: Creativity And Subtle Energies

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