Session 2 Week 2 Day 10

Things are progressing rather smoothly as I started to separate myself from my pets to my room in the attic for much contemplation.

Questions arise like how is my life going to be like after these changes? What’s going to happen next? What else am I going to experience? How are those experience are going to change me on all levels?

But I have no fear of what is to come because I know that nothing will hurt me if I don’t give it permission to. I have this peace and calm that follows me everywhere I go now since I started this program.

I have been begun to make the changes that will help me along on this path of growth, learning and evolving. Sometime I make stumble and fall but I take a deep breath, get and keep going because it easy to quit but it take a lot of courage to keep going to see what’s around the next corner.  


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