Jesus and The Essenes By Dolores Cannon

Jesus and The Essenes
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1992, 2000
Past Life Regression/ Life of Jesus

Dolores Cannon’s purpose in writing this book was to bring new perceptions into the world of what happened back then in the time of Jesus.

I can’t say whether her argument was logical and not but she does arise certain questions that you didn’t quite think of before reading this book. The information in this book is very rich and it kept me glued to the pages so much so that I stopped reading Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 2 to finish reading this book.

Here’s one quote from the book, “Jesus was the perfect example of what each person had within them and what they were capable of attaining. But still they can understand. His perfection frightened and confused them. They feared him because he was different, and their only solution was to kill him. I believe the purpose of the crucifixion was to show by vivid contrast what humanity had become, the depth to which it has fun. I believe God was offering people a choice: stay on your present course and become like these vile in the debased creatures with no consciences, who think only of their worldly, mundane existences; or try to pattern your lives after his beautiful example and you can rise above the chaos of the world and attain perfection.”

The three new things I learned within this book are as follows: the first thing would be that knowledge is very important and not knowledge of just the spiritual but of all aspects of your life and it can be dangerous if misused. Second is that a lot of the information back in those times were either hidden from us or destroy completely because of what they contained within its pages. And thirdly that what Jesus could do everyone can do it’s only a matter of opening yourself up to it and allowing it in your life.

If you’re open-minded and curious about things, I would highly recommend reading this book because it was a real eye-opener for me and it really put the pieces together for me at least. The questions I had as a young girl was unwilling answered by this book because being in a somewhat religious family as we used to go to church every Sunday and I was taught to say my prayers at night. I had questions that the adult just couldn’t answer for me but this book did and help me to understand a lot of things that made me curious in the past.

Although things are different now, I find myself that I don’t need to go to church because my belief can be found in the church and it isn’t because I don’t believe in the divine creator because I do. I find that I can speak to him from wherever I am because he created all things and is everything. And this book showed me that all more like confirmed that for me. I hope you take a chance on this book because I know I did and I don’t regret.


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