Session 1 Week 1 Day 5

Last night was a challenge as I spent majority of the night reading until I started to feel myself nodding off. I realized that I hadn’t done any of my exercises. So I started by pulling my field almost immediately my body stopped twitting and I started to feel a lot calmer. I throw in the swirling technique and while doing the technique I feel asleep.

I have begun to noticed that things are changing around me although I am still in the cleaning process but my intention to choose to change for the better of not only myself but those around me is accelerating the process where sometimes I’ve begun to wonder if I am going too fast but it’s my body making the decision on what it feel good to it and I am allowing it to do so.

I’ve had enough of being stuck in one spot for to long, manifesting only enough to squeeze by but often enough time wondering what else am I not seeing? What else do I need to experience before seeing things go the way I imagine to go? What else is possible? What am I missing?

After answering me these questions many times and others like them, I find the answer in my email one day and I intend to follow this journey no matter where it will take me knowing that everything will turn out just fine in the end.

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