100 Post: Session 1 Week 1 Day 4

Today the exhaustion I was experience when I first started has begun to fade although I do get hit every once in a while with some energetic exhaustion every so often. But with the help of swirling core technique I have been help to alleviate some that and I am doing often throughout the day to help with a lot of other things.

Sometime I find that my body has taken a likening to the technique that it does it automatically but I still like to do it while I am conscious that I am doing just for practice on focusing on the sensation that I am receiving from this technique.

Pulling in the energy field have done wonders for me at night, because I find myself more at peace because of it. I am perceive other thoughts and movement that are consistently going on around me. It been really helpful, only thing is that the asthma persist. I know the basic meaning of it that I am doing things I don’t want to in other words I am being smothered by the wants of others.

I haven’t been able to discover the answer on how to help this completely from my life but I know I will one day some. I find that the answers are always murky and very cloudy that I couldn’t see or even hear them because of the clutter that goes on.

Let’s see where this journey takes us!

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