Soul Speak The Language of Your Body By Julia Cannon

Soul Speak The Language of Your Body
Julia Cannon
Copyrighted 2013
New Age/Health

The author Julia Cannon purpose in writing this book was to show that the body is delivering messages through every ache, pain, and symptom in its own unique language.

Her argument is very valid as I’ve been experiencing the symptoms myself and the book is merely a reference to what these messages could be. It doesn’t tell you how to relieve but it does give you some modalities that you can use to help heal those pains and help you understand the message better so you can take action.

This author kept me very interested in her books as her chapters are very short, direct, and to the point but rich with information and examples. Some basic questions are found in this book which are: “What are you trying to tell me?” “What do you want me to know?”

This book talks about each system in the body and the meaning of each system what’s he trying to tell you, the message trying to convey to you. It doesn’t get too in depth with the meaning because she says each person is different but it gives you an idea what the message could be trying to tell you.

This book not only talks about the messages of the body but also the incidences that happened outside the body. It talks about in chapter 20 accidents but in this case the author who is often return referring to “They”prefer to call them incidences instead of accidents. The worst the incidence the more urgent the message.

Here’s a quote from the book that I really like, “In a previous chapter, I mentioned how the body loves for you to pay attention to it and talk to it. It is very healthful to send your body messages of love. Acknowledging the body parts for the work they do and telling them you love them. The body responds beautifully to any message like this. You are the voice of God and it will do whatever you ask or say. It is your very willing servant-it is here to serve you in the highest manner possible. It can only do the job it is allowed to do and in the matter and it is given.”

I don’t have a favorite part in the book because I love the whole book it really was very helpful and informative. My lasting impression of the book is that you have the answers you need to help heal yourself even if it means going through someone who is trained in energy healings to help heal you but in the end you have the answers that will help you. Only if you believe it because the answers aren’t outside of yourself.

I did learn something from this book and that was the meaning that each system and body part is trying to convey to me. And the book really draws you in with the cover, that’s what really piqued my interest was the cover of the book and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the messages of the body. It’s a wonderful book to have as reference in your library.

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