Start of Session 1 Week 1

I started my first session yesterday for this new program that the a energy facilitator I know of just started. It’s brand-new never been done before program. My first session yesterday was off the charts as I was experiencing so many things at once.

During this session, my head started to twitch first. I perceive this sensation in my back similar to that of peppermint, it was a very cool sensation and also I felt that my heart went to live in my back. Going back up to my head, I have felt some sort of force between my right and left hemisphere right down the middle that every time I had with twitch it would bump into it.

I did feel some pressure my chest, I did notice that my wheezing was gone but I did feel discomfort as a twitching went down my body to my legs. But beneath the discomfort I felt a sense of relief at the same time. There was pulsing in flashing lights at that time as well when I had my eyes close there was a lot of restlessness.

I did feel on the right side of my face a pinching sensation as if an elderly relative was pinching my cheeks which woke me because I actually thought somebody was pinching my cheeks. I did notice during the pinching sensation that I felt the pull of a sensation or of energy of some kind being drawn out.

I did feel more awake and more energized during the session then before I started the session and a lot more, and peace. The heaviness that was there was gone but I did have some shaking us afterwards which I was able to release after eating an apple.


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