Session 1 Week 1 Day 1

As for today I experienced something a little different I felt very detached from everything and I became more of an observer then someone involved in the situation. I felt a lot more lighter although I did feel energetically exhausted not physically exhausted something I’ve never experienced in my life before. Although I did get a good nights sleep last night due to new techniques I learned in this program.

I did have interviewed today and when a lot smoother I thought it was going to which really made me happy and I have really good feeling about it. The atmosphere was really light and friendly. I’m looking forward to learning more in this program because I’m noticing that the tools and techniques I’ve been using since yesterday have begun to work for me.

That’s all for now! I will post more about this program and my experiences as I continued to more forward on this path of conscious self awareness.

Note: The two books from Conversation with Nostradamus have finally come in the mail TODAY!!!! I will be posting my thoughts and insights soon.

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