Switchwords Phrases

  • Ho-Slow-Wolf-Bring-packages-Now-Done. (to help wait patiently for packages come in the mail)
  • Together-Begin-Count-Arise-Somehow-Done-With-Thanks-Divine. (bring into existence money, materialize it, release the details and let it be)
  • Key-Blue Butterfly-Lightning-Go-Act-Create-Guess. (gain acceptance, shed old beliefs, transition smoothly, gain wide perspective)
  • Choose-Passion-Point-Listen-Crystal-Rainbow-Plethora-fountain. (bring more clarity and understanding on purpose of life and work toward inner calling)

I decided to take a little break yesterday and getting around to posting anything but today I’m going to talk a little bit about the switchwords phrase that used yesterday. I’ve begun to feel the difference in using the although I only use them wants and I chanted them 28 times that day. But today I can see the vast difference of yesterday that I’m out of all the muck and slime of everything that I collect energetically over time.

I’m feeling much more like lighter. Everything feels so much clearer as if whatever was gunky up the funnel has passed through effortlessly and easily and now things can get through easier with little or no resistance at all. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders forgive the cliché but that’s how it felt yesterday, I felt held down by things energetically of course.

Everything feels so much better, but my thought processes easier less forced. My movement is more fluid and loose very little forced there as well. Don’t feels tired as much as I was yesterday things just feel lighter vibrationally.


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