More on Conversations with Nostradamus Vol 1

The book Conversations with Nostradamus has left quite an impact on me. So much so that I’ve begun to have odd dreams at times. I have been a bit restless because of what I read in the book and it isn’t so much the doom and gloom that has left me impacted. Of course I’m not downplaying what’s to come but it really got the wheels turning as his quatrains aren’t set in stone.

We through the power of our knowledge of the quatrains and what they mean. We have the power to change them because of his shedding new light on them, it’s like becoming self-aware of the pattern or habits that you were unconsciously doing being pointed out by a friend. That friend shed some light on that pattern or habit that you became consciously aware of it so you could change it.

His quatrains were shrouded in darkness as no one could translate them or could even understand to translate them. Often enough times the word translated correctly and they were misinterpreted.

Now with this book, he was able to shed some light on his quatrains so that we could change it and not have to go through all those experiences of doom and gloom. That’s what it is to be consciously aware, it’s shedding light on things you were unaware and acknowledging them so that way you could release it and begin changing for the better. I’m looking forward to reading the next two volumes and I will post my opinion of them here. So stay tuned!


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