Session 3 Week 4 Day 22

An amazing breakthrough, I am started to notice when I get hooked by other people although it was a painful experience at first but now I can see it for what it is.

I can now take steps to disconnect from people who hook me. I am learning something new everything about me and my awareness or more like what I am opening myself up to see.

I am going to set the intention of doing this technique now just twice a day but every day all day whenever I get a change of them, I am going to do them.


Session 3 Week 3 Day 21

Start my day unusually early today, the asthma effected me enough this morning to use the treatment.

I went to bed a lot early last night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right in the middle of my exercises only I didn’t know that I did until I woke up this morning.

Got an early start and I am making the most of it. Did a little yoga, I haven’t done my exercise yet but I am going to do them shortly after I am done writing this post.

I have discovered to this new founded commitment to this new changing. I am not going to lie and said that it doesn’t frighten me at times because I don’t know what I am going to become after this but I reminded how do I know if I don’t become that I am frightened about. So that where my determination and curiosity that comes in. I am curious to see where all this will lead me and I am looking forward to all the learning curves I am to encounter on this path.

Note to Reader: I am still reading both the Conversation for Nostradamus Vol 2 and the Between Life and Death. I am nearly finished with them and will have their review written soon. 🙂


Session 3 Week 3 Day 20

Today is the start of a new job. I am still in the surreal stage when I think about that I am actually starting a new job today.

Since my session yesterday, I’ve started to experience certain things, like I could hear discord but I wasn’t apart of it.

I listen but I am slowly but surely not getting involved with all the discord that surrounds me everything because a friend help me realize that has nothing to do with me.

The discord is among those that need to work out with themselves and the people that they are having the issue with. I can listen to what they need to say, I can put in my two cents but I want get involved either emotionally or mentally anymore because it doesn’t do me any good and won’t do them any good if I continue to get in the middle of it.

I am stopping their spiritual growth that way. And it doesn’t benefit my health it anyway either. So with love, I am slowly but surely going to become an observe, I’ll listen if they need someone to speak to but I am not going to get in the middle of it anymore.

I didn’t see that I was doing this until a friend was kind enough to point out to me, shield light on the situation so I could see it clearly. The exercise that been a big help but now I am focusing in and intend to keep all my systems crystal clear. I have experience crystal clear systems before and for the first time I feel no weight on my shoulders, I feel as I could walk on air.

Everything around is that much clear and I am unaffected by what’s going on around me. I don’t get that involved with what’s going on around me that doesn’t benefit me. I find myself follow my bliss and doing what I want to do which it turns help the flow of creative come that much quickly and things start to happen for me.


Session 3 Week 3 Day 19

Another amazing session! It always surprises how much I learn about myself in these sessions and it shows me where my weakness so that I can turn them in strengths.

I’ve got a lot to learn about stepping into my personal power and stop hooking myself into situation that don’t really consider me.

I’ve got a lot to learn about stepping back and letting others handle the karma they have been dealt this lifetime.

How else are they going to grow, evolve and learn if I keep stepping in all the time? I wonder what it would be like when I step more into my personal power and learn more about being me the real me that I keep hide from the world.


Session 2/3 Week 3 Day 18

Have a very eventful morning today, as I went out to a bookstore not really expecting much. I filled out an application was interviewed by the owner and I start work this Wednesday.

It’s still surreal that it turned out that way it did but not only that, the bus I was on went the wrong way and I ended up walking only to blocks to the house.

Talk about one surprise after the other, I did go through my exercise today before heading out. I made sure everything was running smoothly.

I got everything that I intend done before heading out to take the bus this morning. Everything felt like I was have a lucid dream, it’s unimaginable that things turned out the way that they did but I am grateful that they did turn out that way.


Session 2/3 Week 3 Day 17

Wonderful weather we have been having so I decided to walk to work today only I didn’t count on the asthma getting triggered but I rest a bit before heading inside.

Day went rather quickly, the weather also called out everyone else to enjoy it as well. I went through the day as if I was dreaming until I came home. It’s like waking up from a long nap.

The techniques that I have been given since my last couple of sessions. I still have some ‘setback’ but I will continue to more forward and see where this will take me.


Session 2/3 Week 3 Day 16

I perceive a lot of highs and lows for the people around me. A lot of energy vibrating at a low rate but I am able to maintain my field clean, pulled and the netting around me at all time.

The emotions I perceived I noticed right away that did belong to me. I send out love only for it bounce back and the person drop the vibration even lower, rejecting the love and light.

I have no experience with this type of things as I had never experience before but I am open to learning more about it.

I did noticed a couple things there was a physical flinching away as well as an energetic flinching away. I see a swirling of emotion going downwards toward the Earth but it appeared black in color. That’s the best I can go description wise as the color I saw doesn’t have word out there that can explain it better.