Switchwords Part 2: Go-Crystal-Wait-Unmask-Together-Open

Just a gentle reminder to write your New Moon Abundance checks tonight.

Now let’s get into the topic of tonight post, I am going to talk about my experience with the new switchword phrase that I keep add words to and it has been giving me lots of surprises.

Last night while I was nodding off to sleep, I silently repeated this words to myself and before I noticed I was dreaming. Everything was vivid, colorful and bright like I was looking a TV screen.

I recall that I remember everything in detail while I was dream but the moment I woke everything fade before I can write it down. The images slipped through my fingers like water through a hole in a bucket.

I am looking into other switchwords that will help me in recalling my dream even after I wake. I do remember a mantra I learned about a couple of years back: Roam Groam. I am planning on add this mantra as well as a couple of other switchwords: Ho-Slow.


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