When to Post?

How to know when to post something on your blog? For me, I prefer to do it when the words flow easily effortlessly and I’ll have to think too much about what to say. What I’m thinking too hard. I don’t post anything other than videos or pictures that stand out to me so I still keep up with my posting, but I just don’t do any entries.

It’s easy to do things when you’re in the flow because there is no thinking about what you need to say next you already know what you are going without any stuttering or pauses.

There’s also no doubting about what you say or what you’re going to do very little hesitation in your actions. And there’s also thinking because an inner knowing is guiding to what you’re going to post on your blog. And that’s how I do it.

I prefer to go with the flow of things and resist because things you resist persists and gets stuck in your energy field and completely without I’ve had plenty thing stuck in the past and now that I’m getting used to with the flow feels like or being in the flow of things. I love it too much to stop. When you are flow. There’s no thinking, no hesitation you just do. That’s it.

I’ve learned a lot about being in the flow of things, or in other words, being in the flow with what I love to do a lot of energy is generated when you’re in the flow because there is little resistance actually resistance is nonexistent when you’re in the flow of your bliss. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not always in the flow all the time every day all day, but I’m learning to be in the flow every day all day.

Majority of the time I spend it on a plateau of quiet . It’s a challenge to describe what that feels like unless you’ve been there yourself. I reached a point on this journey where I’m slowly becoming more and more responsible for my thoughts, actions and emotions.


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