Emotions: How to Deal with Them?

I’ve been keeping this post a lot. And had decided to talk about emotions, or in other words energy in motion because that’s what emotion is.

How does one deal with emotions, particularly the lower based emotions or how many people know them as being negative emotions.

We all know that what we think about most is what we create in life. So if you’re thinking. I thought over and over and over and you’re creating that over and over.

So first you need to check in with yourself. You need to acknowledge how you’re feeling, don’t dismiss it or resist it because that locks it in.

So you ask yourself, “body, how do I feel right now?” And be honest with yourself, if you feel lousy say that you feel lousy. If you feel tired and upset say that you’re tired and upset. But do this all from an observer point of view, because that way your detached from the emotion.

You’re also not resisting it because you’re not ignoring because what you resist persists. That is a true statement, because it’s happened to me many many times. Now, the second step you have to do once you acknowledge the feeling is that the negative emotion you say this, “there it is. That’s not me. That’s a program.”

Observe it deeply-what physical and emotional sensations do you feel? Where do you feel? It’s as simple as saying, I feel it here, and it feels like this. Also realize who’s doing the inquiry, it could be as simple as saying I am observing these sensations so that way you remain detached from those negative emotions that half the time don’t even belong to you.

After going through those two steps you simply say thank you, I love you, I love you, I love you. And what this means is thank you for no longer feeding me the program, thank you for dis-identifying from the falsehood, thank you for catching yourself and no longer losing energy here. I love you. I love you. I love you.

For the positive emotions is a lot simpler, once you identify if the emotion is positive. You simply say thank you for checking in, I love you, I love you, I love you. I can’t take credit for this technique because I’m borrowing it from someone else who gave it to me for being a part of the prosper Inc. program.

It’s called the three step clearing process and done wonders for me since I started using it. The recommended use for it is 10 times a day. Or whenever you feel the need to use it, but I highly recommend doing it 10 times day.


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