Open to the Universe

Your human life – the taking on of physical form, your interaction with the world, all that is accomplished and experienced – can be seen as an opportunity, a choice you have made, to bring the infinite love of the Source of All to the specific point in time and space that is your body, your life.

You are bringing the unlimited through the doorway of your being into a world that has thought itself limited. You are introducing freedom to the world of form. Your consciousness is free to roam the Universe, and when you remember this freedom and grant it to yourself, you access the infinite love of the Source.

Your expanded consciousness is like an ocean through which Divine Love expresses itself as currents of light. You, the human focus you have chosen to be, are like a sailor on the ocean. As your skill increases you can ride these currents, picking up new currents as you move through your day, carried forward, lifted by Divine Love in each moment.

~ Sananda via Christoper Sell

Art ~ Monica Fadul 


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