More About the Law of Allowing

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards
by Colette Baron-Reid

I was wondering about what is the talk about today. But I decided to talk about more about the law of allowing that I’ve had more experience with it today.

When I was out and about today, I’ve had some experience with the law of allowing since basically my understanding of that law is to allow everything in resisting nothing.

No matter what my perception of the situation may be, ‘good or bad.’ The fact of the matter is that it’s happening for me not to me.

The more experience I have that the law allowing the more it becomes second nature to me and I prefer to go with the flow, then resisted because there’s a lot of peace there, and a lot of calm and joy there.

With resistance, there’s always this push and pull. I would always get drained often with resistance and now it’s like I don’t know what resistance was. I’m unplugging from that habit every day in every way. The more I experience it, the more experience allowing or the state of allowing everything in resisting nothing. The more I want to experience it every day all day.


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