What does it mean to give thanks? What does it mean to be thankful?

I have learned a great many things about being thankful since I started on this path. No matter what you are doing or where you go for information about becoming more aware you will find that first thing you need to do is to be thankful before all else.
It’s one of the things that you must FEEL when you intend to manifest your goals and dreams. Another emotion that you must FEEL is LOVE. But first let me talk about being thankful, no matter how you see a situation, whether good or bad. You must be thankful for it because that situation good or bad are teaching lessons that you’ll need later on in life.
So be grateful for the past, present and future. And when you’re being grateful for the future be grateful for it now in the present to their manifest in the presence. Being grateful for future now, it’s because you’re FEELING it now in the present moment. And being in the present moment helps you focus on the here and now, when you focus on the here and now, it will manifest in the present as if you have it now.
Remember that the UNIVERSE understands only vibration that’s what you must use it as if you have it now. That’s why when you tell the UNIVERSE what you intend to manifest. You must feel those words to help manifest and also be grateful for it now.
Love is also a part of it because when you’re feeling it now. You must feel how it would feel when you have that which you are intending to manifest. And loves is the greatest vibration that the universe response to.
So when you are thinking about the goals and dreams that you are intending to manifest always remember to feel thankful for it now and send out loving energy to the universe.
Check out Map of Consciousness post for more information about the emotions and their vibrations.

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